Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yoga Sexual Positions

Yoga Sexual Positions are done with the purpose of providing a new sensation to heightened sexual stimulation and orgasm.

All Tantriks would benefit, say the texts, from spending one half hour per week standing on their heads—to reverse the bodily flows, including the pumping attitude of the heart.

In this particular inverted position, the female, with the male’s assistance, stands on her head, preferably against a wall, her shoulders and buttocks touching the wall, her legs straight up. She maintains this position for several minutes, with the male helping her if she is not adept at headstands.

Meanwhile, the male massages her breasts, then parts her legs and stimulates the perineum, labia, and clitoris. Once the female becomes aroused, the male may (as determined mutually before the exercise began), either continue to masturbate the female to orgasm, or begin to stimulate her orally to bring her to orgasm by cunnilingus. The entire objective is that orgasm is attained in this position, to add yet another aspect to the Tantric experience.

The male should likewise try standing on his head and being manually or orally brought to orgasm. It will add a dimension to sensation of which the Tantric has never before dreamed. This exercise could correctly be considered TantricYoga.

Although this posture is recommended by some, it is not a realistic choice for many. Standing on your head for even one minute can only be done by the fit, flexible, and incredibly strong, so this position is not possible for at least 80% of the US population. But there are other Yoga Sexual Positions that are not only possible, they are plausible and potentially orgasmic.

One such position is Downward Facing Dog, which has the hands on the floor extended out in front, the hips up and the feet down and spread apart. The body looks like an upside down V, with the calves, shoulders and spine stretched. With blood flowing readily, genitals are easily stimulated.

Another of the more popular yoga sexual positions are the Bridge pose, and the Fish. The Bridge Pose has the shoulders and soles of the feet supporting the body with hips raised. By raising the hips and keeping them elevated, it helps to add depth and sensitivity to the pelvic area, inner thighs, and belly, all of which are major erogenous zones. Stimulation is easy because all erogenous zones, including genitals, are easily accessible.

The Fish has the woman lying on her back, legs extended straight down from her hips. Slowly, she raises her torso up so that she’s resting on the top of her head and elbows. This stretches the skin, exposes and protrudes the breasts, and ratchets up the sensitivity to the entire torso area. Plus, the increased blood flow to the brain helps with creativity and sensual gratification.

The difference actually lies not in what the position is, but rather in the underlying doctrine that accompanies it. Tantric Yoga is best defined as a more sexually oriented form of Hatha Yoga. It combines practice, mantras, and focused attention on the body as a temple of joy, meant to be shared, blissful in its highest state.

Tantric Yoga is a physical discipline which incorporates varied sexual positions. Its philosophies are based, to a large degree, on Tantric teachings. It is not only difficult to teach Tantric Yoga, but also to determine just how Tantric it is.

When you can add Yoga sexual positions to the variety of sexual techniques that you regularly enjoy, the increased flexibility allows for many positions that will add depth, sensation and dimension to your sexuality, while keeping it interesting, healthy and powerful throughout the years.


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